The Advantage Programme

An intensive, high impact programme, tailored to meet your needs:

Work in a group with twelve other senior managers from allied or non-competing businesses

  • Tackle real business challenges together in real-time
  • Develop rich personal networks and relationships that stand the test of time

Get personal coaching from experienced business leaders

  • Learn directly from people who have  made it to the top
  • Get feedback quickly to change  your game

Develop your own transformation programme that will last a lifetime

  • Tap into your strengths and transform  your potential into reality
  • Speakers, events and activities to  inspire you and give you the tools  you need


Achieve your potential:


  • Learn, grow and contribute more in one year than you  ever thought possible
  • Understand other businesses from the inside without  leaving your own
  • Develop fresh thinking about your business and your potential
  • External perspectives on your business challenges
  • Fun, laughter and friendship
  • A professional network that will last a lifetime
  • Creative, memorable and action packed experience

Working in a Talent Circle fast-tracked my career and brought immediate benefit to my employer. For example, I introduced a balanced scorecard bonus system, shared by a global sportswear manufacturer, which drove a step change in store performance company-wide

Retail Director
UK Retail Chain