Are you doing enough for your best people?

  • Do you have high performing ┬ábusiness partnerships?
  • Do you offer stretch opportunities for your talented people to grow?
  • Do you want more diversity in the senior ranks?
  • Do you struggle to retain talented people?
  • Is your in-house development programme delivering enough?
  • Do you feel that you are tapping the full potential of your team?
  • Do you want more from your business?


Brightling Advantage gives you a world class, customisable
programme to address these challenges.

Employers get:

  • An inspiring programme that helps you attract and  retain your best talent; and keep them motivated and  inspired
  • A unique offer: the chance to accelerate careers and  growth whilst retaining talent in the organisation
  • Free consultancy and fresh business ideas to drive  growth
  • Feedback from our coaches and trainers on further  development needs, both for your people and your  business as a whole

Employers gain:

  • Business mastery: develop the soft and hard skills your people need to grow your business
  • Inspire, motivate and engage your people to achieve more of their potential
  • Strengthen relationships with customers and organisations in your supply chain
  • Gain deeper insight into the motivation and drivers of your top performers
  • Lower staff turnover, especially amongst those with the greatest potential

Working in a Talent Circle gave me, as a Director of my business, a great insight into how other non-competing companies tackled similar challenges. I was able to bring learning directly back into my own organisation, helping to transform many aspects of how I ran it.

Director, Global Infrastructure Company